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jailer n : someone who guards prisoners [syn: prison guard, jailor, gaoler, screw, turnkey]

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  1. One who enforces confinement in a jail or prison.


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Jailer, unformal name for the profession of Corrections officer, or a specific worker of this profession.
the therm jailer usually implies certain crytic intonation with respect to the profession.
Duties of jailers include guarding of prisoners and their punishment.
Various authors mention definite similarities between jailers and prisoners, considering both as victims of the cruel society.
Russian writer and emigrant Sergei Dovlatov (Сергей Довлатов) described his work as jailer in the USSR and applies the term jailer (вертухай) to himself .


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advance guard, armed guard, bank guard, bull, coast guard, commandant, cordon, cordon sanitaire, custodian, gaoler, garrison, goalie, goalkeeper, goaltender, governor, guard, guarder, guardian, guardsman, inlying picket, keeper, outguard, outpost, penologist, picket, principal keeper, prison guard, rear guard, screw, security guard, train guard, turnkey, van, vanguard, warden, warder
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